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Color Traveler Naoshima Azure - 30ml Glass Bottle
Color Traveler Naoshima Azure - 30ml Glass Bottle

Color Traveler Naoshima Azure - 30ml Glass Bottle

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On Naoshima, located in the Seto Inland Sea, artwork by world-famous artists are exhibited in various parts of the island to entertain visitors. It is now visited by many tourists as a sacred place for contemporary art. Color Traveler expressed the blue color of the sky and sea in Setouchi that complements Naoshima's many artworks.

Color Traveler Naoshima Azure (直島アジュール) fountain pen ink is a dark blue color.

Color Traveler is a brand of Tayama Bungu, which has been in the stationery business in Hiroshima, Japan for over 115 years. Color Traveler inks are focused around the concept of travel, such as destination towns and their histories, special products and local goods, and other items which can accompany trips. The idea behind these inks is wanting people to enjoy Japan, its towns, and their histories. It would be great for others to get to know these sights and special products, and for them to possibly visit the cities represented by each color.

  • Volume: 30ml
  • Bottle Material: Glass
  • Color: Blue
  • Mini Travel Brochure Included
  • Empty 5ml Mini Bottle + Label Stickers Included
  • Eye Dropper Included