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Pennonia Dungó (Wasp) - 50ml Glass Bottle
Pennonia Dungó (Wasp) - 50ml Glass Bottle

Pennonia Dungó (Wasp) - 50ml Glass Bottle

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About the Ink from Pennonia's Director:

Pennonia Dungó is an orange that was inspired by wasps. I got stung a few times back in the day so I pretty much hate them, but on the other hand they are also pretty cool and badass - just like this ink - so here we have it: Pennonia Wasp.

All Pennonia inks are created by hand using high quality ingredients, precise measurements and a pinch of passion for writing and inks in order to bring you vivid, beautiful colors to write with. They are designed to work flawlessly with your favorite writing instruments, offering a smooth, pleasant writing experience.

Each bottle is hand labelled using Clairfontaine Clairmail 60 g/m2 white paper and the bottles themselves are pharmaceutical grade amber glass bottles to protect the inks from UV light. The wide mouth of the bottle (4 cm) is excellent for filling any kind of fountain pens and reduces the chances of accidentally tipping them over when filling.

All inks carefully packed into simple-yet-beautiful boxes to keep them safe during transport right until they reach your shelves.

  • Volume: 50ml
  • Bottle Material: Glass
  • Color: Orange