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Yamamoto Paper Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection

Yamamoto Paper Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection

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"Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection" is a sample book that includes 18 kinds of paper recommended for fountain pens. And it includes stories of each paper too! Five sheets of each type are bound by padding compound, so you can remove pages one by one.

Common problems when writing using fountain pens are feathering, bleeding, and long drying times. Yamamoto Paper spent a long time searching for very fountain pen friendly papers. They used many varieties of nibs, fountain pens, and inks for their writing tests. And at last, they found many papers that are fountain pen friendly.

Yamamoto Paper has hand selected 18 kinds of paper that are very unique. Onionskin, Eggshell, Translucent, Watermarked, and more. Let's go on this journey to look for your pen friendly paper!


No.1 Thin Paper
No.2 Tomoe River
No.3 Tomoe River Cream
No.4 New Chiffon Cream
No.5 Cosmo Air Light
No.6 35NFC
No.7 Glassine
No.8 5Leaf
No.9 Washi Kin Kaku Den
No.10 Bank Paper
No.11 Spica Bond
No.12 Champion Copy
No.13 Typewriter Paper
No.14 Air Mail Bond
No.15 Passepied Cream
No.16 Eastory COC
No.17 OK Fools
No.18 Colored woodfree paper Black

  • Size: A4 (210x297mm)
  • Sheets: 108 (18*5 sheets each + 18 sheets of descriptions)


Note: This is version 4 of the Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection. The changes since version 3:

  • No.1 View-Corona for Pocket-book → No.1 Thin Paper
  • No.15 Air Mail Bond Natural → No.15 Passepied Cream