We're back and catching up on shipping Black Friday orders. Hope everyone had a happy holiday!

Ink Samples Order Form

Looking for ink samples? You've come to the right place! We can sell you ink samples of most of the inks we carry in almost any volume! We typically charge the price per ml of the ink plus 5 cents. For instance, a 3ml sample of Lennon Tool Bar Twilight would be 3ml * ($22 / 30ml) + 0.05 = $2.25.

Please specify a list of the inks you'd like to try and what volumes (typically 2ml - 5ml, but no smaller than 2ml). You can also include full bottles of inks or any other products in your email and we will send you a full invoice through our website. If you haven't purchased from us before, please also include the shipping destination country in your message.


Note: Turnaround time for ink sample orders is currently around 1 week.