We will be on break from 5/1 until 5/18. Orders from this period will not ship until 5/19.

Troublemaker Inks Status Update and the New Ordering Process

Status Update

We know there is high demand for inks from Troublemaker Inks, so we wanted to provide a quick status update here. Troublemaker Inks has just recently moved studios and has also made improvements to their production process in order to be able to make larger quantities of ink. Thanks to this, we will be restocking Troublemaker Inks in larger quantities and more frequently. In fact, quite a large order is in the process of being fulfilled! Finally, we do have a smaller quantity of Troublemaker Inks we received recently, which we will use to test out the process described below.

The Reason for a New Ordering Process

We are hoping to make the Troublemaker Inks buying experience better and fairer for all of you. The past few restocks have been crazy to say the least - hundreds of orders selling out all our stock in minutes! We have heard that items were removed from carts during checkout amongst other unfortunate website experiences. To avoid this from happening again and to take away the need for customers to race against each other, we will be implementing a new system for selling Troublemaker inks rather than putting all the stock up on our website at once. This is not a permanent change as we are hoping to get to a point where we can maintain full stock of Troublemaker Inks, but hopefully this will help while the demand is higher than what is available.

New Ordering Process

We will be letting customers purchase Troublemaker Inks in the order that they have registered for restock notifications for each specific ink.

Please register for our restock notifications using the link on our store page for each of the Troublemaker Inks you would like (it should say "Click here to be notified by email when this product becomes available"). Re-registering will not change your place in line (we count your earliest registration).

When the inks arrive, you will receive an email with the list of inks that are available based on your position in each restock notification list for those inks. This email will have further instructions on how to go through with the order or modify it.

It is possible that only a subset of the desired inks are available for purchase at a given time, and we will also be limiting orders to one of each ink to allow more customers to receive their desired inks.